Highest Quality Craftsmanship and Design Specifications. All Work Certified and Accredited.

Fixtures and Fitting Imported from UK, Europe and USA, Already Used On Existing Appliances.

Highest Possible Safety Standards

Modern Well Equipped Facilities

The design of the full range, whether a 10ft, 20ft and 40ft length follow the same design principles. All are to ISO standard size and engineering practices. Allowing complete versatility for logistical requirements.

The corner castings will secure the MERC whether transported by road, sea or rail. Total advantage over anything currently on the market.

EXTERIOR FRAME: Mild steel PAINT: 3 Coats, primer, undercoat, high gloss epoxy.

Walls: Opening configuration as customer requirement, generally 2/3 top opener and bottom 1/3 down opening for ramp or step. Material Marine Grade Aluminium, lockable. Gas struts. Integrated electrical wiring for “cold zone” units.

CERTIFICATION: All units to certified to CSC international standards.

All welding performed by qualified and certified ASME standard technicians.

INTERIOR: Configuration depending purpose of each unit. Predominantly, stainless steel and aluminium. Integrated air cooling system for complete unit or dedicated bottle rack. Pull out / drop down shelving systems for ease of access. In general each unit is dedicated to a specific purpose and will be designed accordingly and with full consultation with the client.